Energy Of The Month

Thank you for visiting my Energy Of The Month page.  The purpose of this page is to highlight the thematic energy of each month as we enter into it so that we can be aware of it as well as understand how we might meet and be constructively transformed by it, both in our personal and collective experiences together.  

Although each month will focus on a description of the main energy around us at the time, the true purpose of sharing this information will be less about the energy outside of us and more about how to lean in to meet that energy from inside of us.  Taking this inside-out approach can help us with both our individual and collective growth and healing which is their true evolutionary purpose.  Understanding, listening into and engaging whatever might be going on around us from this higher perspective offers an empowering way to interact with life both personally and as a collective whole.  

For these write-ups I use images from assorted imagery card decks to illustrate the symbolism of a particular energy's nature.  Imagery is a wonderful tool to connect us to the deeper meaning and feeling of something.  Images speak to us beyond our conscious, rational understanding alone and touch us at a higher, some might say more sacred level of our own being.  This is the place within where we can best interpret these images and feel into their deeper messages for us.  

Each month there will be a different theme of energy to touch upon so I invite you to return monthly.  My intention is to put the thematic monthly energy up on the site sometime within the first week of each month so I invite you to return monthly.  You are also welcome to sign up to be on my mailing list on the Contact link above.  

To read more about the energy theme of each month, simply click on the picture or its month below.