June 2018


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Strength is a word that means different things to different people and at different times.  Often we think of strength as endurance during difficult situations, the powerful inner resolve to meet challenges, living our most deeply held values regardless of external pressures or simply exercising patience when circumstances or others are affecting us in unpleasant or unwanted ways.  

Strength can be all of these things and more.  However the particular nature of strength coming through for this month of June is compassionate strength. 

Notice how in the Strength card from the tarot, the lion is being gently held and guided by the woman's arms.  Though we often think of strength as something firm or rock-like, this card reminds us that strength can also be caring, wise and deeply compassionate. 

If the lion were to represent wildness, intensity or raw power, this card shows us that these qualities can actually be enhanced and made more whole when integrated with compassionate strength.  When balanced with compassion, each quality becomes an enhanced version of itself. 

In our personal lives, wildness blended together with compassion might inspire us to let go of those things that hold us back in some way or limit our healthy inner freedom.  Intensity mixed with compassion might motivate us to join a group of others who share similar ideals and want to make some kind of positive difference in the world.  And raw power integrated with compassion might encourage us to stand up for ourselves, set boundaries or make a relational changes so that both our power and our caring nature are honored and respected equally.

On a societal level, compassion integrated with wildness could inspire us to support and protect freedoms of all kinds for all creatures and mankind.  Intensity blended with compassion could inspire us to advocate or speak for others, whether that 'other' was human, animal, nature or cause.  And raw power balanced with compassion might help to bring about much-needed change somewhere in your small corner of the world in some way that is meaningful and important to you. 

The wildness, intensity and raw power of the flower-adorned lion is steadily balanced by wise inner knowing (symbolized by the woman's closed eyes) the purity of high intellect (the red bindi on her forehead) and the boundlessness of the spirit (the lemniscate/infinity symbol above her head).  In this image, the two figures combine to make up a whole; a whole where the essential qualities of each are made more effective, transformative and vital when blended together.  Not only are the lion's raw qualities integrated into constructive form, but the lion's qualities, an equal part of this whole, also bring compassion to life, giving it a purpose and a job to do in one's life and in the world.  Compassion itself is then also transformed, moving it outward from an inwardly-held feeling of caring and empathy for others to an outwardly-expressed and vital power in the world.  

During this month of June we each have the opportunity to sit with this theme of energy and perhaps view worldly events and our personal experiences through the lens of compassionate strength.   Is there some way meeting these experiences with compassionate strength might benefit both our personal life or the larger collective life we are all a part of?  Perhaps the raw, intense and powerful qualities we are experiencing within or around us are looking to be engaged from compassionate strength and are calling us to that in ourselves?  Or perhaps our personal or societal compassion needs a bit more wildness, intensity or healthy power in order to be constructively activated in the outer world or in our personal world somehow.  We are all encouraged to reflect upon these kinds of questions for the month of June as we sit with the theme of Strength in its most compassionate, integrated and whole expression.  


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