July 2018

Hope and Struggle

5 of Pentacles.png

The core energy of July is actually a dual theme showing a helix-like dynamic between struggle and hope. 

Intense energy is already in the air which will be with us throughout the month.  But what more is there to know about this vibrational duo and what are they showing us both in ourselves and in our relationship with one other?

The symbolic image representing July's dual-energy spiral is the Five of Pentacles from the Tarot deck.  Our card's figures seem downtrodden and weighted as they make their way in the snowy night alone, heads bowed.  The warmth and promise of the light coming through the church's stained glass window seems separate and obscured from their awareness.  The heaviness and weariness in the image are palpable.

And yet still, there's that light...

On the personal level, we may be feeling the effects of some struggle or hardship in our lives.  Issues and discord that may have been hanging around within our personal being or relationships, perhaps even for long stretches of time, appear to be surfacing again in ways that are creating inner or relational ruckus.  That which has been unresolved within or between us simply won't leave us alone at this time and continuing to confront (or avoid) these long-standing matters without resolution can leave one feeling weary, upset and discouraged.  

This card also represents how many may be feeling at this time collectively.  For some this energy may be very conscious and for others, it may be somewhat outside of conscious awareness.  The past several years have been an unrelenting time of intensity and change and the entire globe seems affected by these changes, even if certain countries or peoples have been less directly-affected than others.  A certain spirit of sadness and weariness from the many struggles of the past few years are reflected in this card.  Aside from specific times when a nation or people rise and come together with purpose, intent or protestation, an overall sense of connectedness and unity has been very hard to come by during this time and often, it seems we are moving away from connection and unity rather than toward it.  

And yet still, there's that light...

The Five of Pentacles coming forward for July suggests that both struggle and hope will work hand-in-hand to bring about what is most needed in a situation or dynamic; that their combined energies together push toward a larger evolution, greater change and a rise in consciousness that aims to bring about something better for all involved.  Through both our struggles and our simultaneous hope for change, a vibrant dynamic can come about that is actually capable of bringing about that change.  Struggle alone can't do this, nor will hope that is not tethered to the taking of concrete actions that express that hope.  It is their combined effect that brings about needed change.

For example, when one is moving through illness struggle is almost a given, but without hope, does one continue to search for healing or deeper understanding?  When finances are sparse struggle is again a given but without hope, does one search for or create new opportunities to make money, or go within to attend to money-related or personal issues that perhaps negatively affect the flow of money in their lives?  And when relationship issues arise struggle most definitely courts us but without hope, do we engage the inner and relational work necessary to see if we can resolve the matter?  In all of these cases struggle and hope conjoin as catalysts to one another, opening the possibility for constructive change if we engage with them.  Together they are a call to action, inspiring us to act either for our own higher benefit or for the benefit of a higher collective purpose.   

This Five of Pentacles invites us to see the joining of these two themes as an evolutionary dynamic that is trying to bring about something better for all.  However as the image also shows us, without our conscious realization of this higher purpose of struggle it is easy to miss the light of hope and the spiritual sustenance of same that beckons to us quietly from the higher regions of consciousness (symbolized by the higher position of the stained glass window above the heads of our card's figures).  Without this symbolic 'looking upward' in consciousness, it is natural that we would feel weighted down by or discouraged by the struggle alone.  The symbolism of the Pentacles suit in the Tarot represents 'resources' of all kinds, including spiritual resources, but it is for our card's figures to 'look upward' in consciousness to discover those resources.  At the moment, their downward focus suggests an emphasis on the difficulties and the hardship; the struggle but not the hope.  

Since Pentacles symbolize material resources, July also looks to highlight for us, particularly on the collective level, an ongoing dynamic around distribution of material resources.  Where there continues to be unfair distribution of material resources in the world expect to see unrest, intensity and a requiring of change.  What is trying to heal through this struggle is fairness; the fair distribution of resources between self and other.  This will be playing out on the global scale but may also play out in the personal sphere.  The spiritual evolution at hand is change for the better for ALL peoples, with the continued dissolving of disparity between those who have and those who do not.  Fairness for all peoples is trying to burst through the barriers that have been created between the two, and July's energies suggest the demand for change in this regard will intensify.  

July's dual-theme of struggle and hope suggest intensifications during the month.  It will be so helpful to remember that these intensifications have beneath them a healing impetus intent to bring about progress; progress toward healthy global changes and fairer distribution of resources amongst us all.  Despite the struggle of this time, within or around us, the light and warmth in the window of the Five of Pentacles shines upon it all with hope, healing and the inner resources to move toward a better future as a people.  The call to action continues to be upon us, beckoning us forward.