Julia's Story


Opening And Tapping The Creative Wellspring

Signing up for the Inner Game workshop with Deborah was like entering a charged field in which everything was colluding to open my awareness and sense of possibility to new levels. By the end of the course, I felt like I had stepped across a threshold into a far more expansive landscape than I had previously known. 

During this course, restrictive beliefs came into focus along with a realization of my own power and influence. Amazingly, I had never been aware of my own wellspring of creativity that awaited free flowing expression. 

Over the weeks synchronicities and dreams kept providing clear messages along with a sense of wonderment. It truly was as though there was some magic container as Deborah held, witnessed, guided, and wove her wisdom into this journey. 

Deborah’s ability to “get” my soul and what it is longing to express, her ability to articulate this for me, and her relentless championing of my soul’s true agenda was invaluable and extremely powerful. I felt completely “seen” in the biggest sense…acknowledged and affirmed in such a way that I could allow myself to admit and begin to champion my own truth.  Her ability to tune into and trust her intuitive promptings as to what was needed to assist my process was truly remarkable. 

By my last workshop session the extent of the synchronicities and magic and just how amazingly all of the pieces fit together was revealed. This all left me with not only a sense of delight and wonder but also an available course of action followed by opportunities that have continued to open for me. 

Julia Brayshaw

MA/ABS; Psychotherapist /Licensed Mental Health Counselor; Author, Medicine of Place, Patterns of Nature and Psyche in the Wildflowers of Cascadia (a book and card deck set), Olympia, WA