D. Dunn's Story


I was genuinely serious about my health, wanting a comprehensive wellness system that would support all aspects of my life so I could thrive responsively, naturally and happily.  My life at the time was not operating on any level - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually - in fact at dangerously low levels.  I just had no clue how to go about getting on the perfect track to my wellness when Deborah Sicignano came into my life 6 years ago. 

Deborah has a very strong intuition that she listens to with great respect, a natural healing wisdom and intelligence, and a heart that resonates love, joy, and caring.  During our journey together, I learned quickly that I could trust her which was very important to me.  She taught me to trust my own intuition and guidance, and that less is often best (i.e. I didn't need a lot of supplements, or a lot of information, or lot of exercise; Ineeded to learn how to be in the moment and "listen" to what my body was communicating, then trust and follow that guidance.)

Partnership was her style of support.  We were in this together and she showed me what a real gift it is to participate in my healing actively, not as a passive observer.  And my healing was quickened, deepened and sustaining! 

 A very grateful NW client,

 D. Dunn