Candice's Story


When I signed up for “The Inner Game,” little did I know how profound it would be in helping me to move forward in my work.

This class shines a light on all those doubts and fears, all those little voices that chatter in the background, all those negative influences that keep us from fulfilling our true potential in business and in life. And when we heal and release these old programs, miracles can happen.

As an example, one of my desires was to meet new allies to help share my work in the world. Towards the end of the workshop, after having done a lot of focused healing, I attended a country fair to sell my books, and surprisingly I made excellent contacts for getting my books put into the local libraries, and I was also asked to speak in front of a women’s group. What a confirmation, that the inner most definitely affects the outer.

I can’t think of anyone better to facilitate this awakening than Deborah, a teacher who is kind and encouraging and who expresses a perfect combination of wisdom and intelligence. With gentle coaxing and powerful insights, she has a unique ability to guide you inward on a journey of self-discovery, with amazing outer results. Deborah puts her heart and soul into this class to help her students succeed in manifesting their highest good. In my case, the timing was perfect for letting go of “old stuff” so that I could create the future I desire. For this I am truly grateful.

Candace Murrow

Author of several novels including Visions of Hope and The Transformation of Francine.