C. Corbo's Story


European Relocation And Cat Rehoming

If there is a beginning, during and after in the process of my working with Deborah, I would say months before meeting her, I knew I needed to make a radical change but was confused and unsure how to do so.   I'd dreamt a powerful dream inviting me to open a new chapter of my life and return to a continent I loved.  

However, the dream provided no "how-to map" (which country, resources, languages) other than the clear directive  "not to pick up any stray cats" before going.  Gratefully Deborah arrived a month after my daughter dropped off- YES!- a stray cat she'd  adopted but could no longer keep and I was ready to make one of the biggest moves in my life.  

In my sessions with Deborah I felt that my heart's desires were seen and held with deep respect.  She offered wisdom in an intelligent, kind and often humorous manner and I witnessed my life being transformed from the inside out.  Not only did she open the door on a country I'd never before considered (one that has since delighted me with friendship, natural beauty and creative work) but also tuned into who would be the next best caretaker of our now beloved stray cat.  

I've experienced with Deborah's work that she has the ability to midwife and support authentic soul expression, so much so, that perhaps a warning be offered to those faint of heart, and a green light to those ready to fly.  

I thank you for all your loving support and guidance.  Your intuition has been such a gift and I wish I could send these delicious sweet german cakes through the internet to you and Roy.  I get it BIG TIME that we do nothing truly ALONE.  

C. Corbo