Asliani's Story


Fundraising And Resolution Of Health Matter

My most recent stage of work with Deb illustrates just how easy it can be to both heal ourselves and manifest our desires when given the right spiritual tools.

Several months ago, I launched a Kickstarter project to fund my next album (Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that funds creative projects). About two weeks into the month-long campaign, I was far away from being halfway funded. The way Kickstarter works, you either raise the full amount that you ask for or you don't get a penny, so needless to say, I was anxious!

I had a session with Deb in which we looked into the greater issues surrounding the Kickstarter project for me, as well as some health issues I'd been having (namely, digestive difficulty and the cessation of my menstrual cycle). It came up that there were several meditation exercises that I needed to do to restore health to my physical system and to heal pieces that were coming up for me around my Kickstarter campaign. My physical health problems came up as related to imbalances in my liver meridian caused by residues of old frustration and rage. The meditations were to remove these old emotions' “ropes” around my heart and to bless the healing of my system. Regarding my Kickstarter campaign, two pieces of work were asked of me, the first being to bless the project itself and the second to bring healing and restoration to my sense of personal self-worth.

Deb emailed me detailed instructions for all of the exercises and I did them within a few days. They were remarkably simple, fast and easy to do.  The most enjoyable one for me was the blessing of my Kickstarter endeavor. I loved the part where I lit a candle to represent the greater forces that work behind the scenes to bring about our highest good (that I call “Spirit”) and then blew the candle out to signify my placing my desires in the hands of Spirit completely and letting go. I then went outside, tore up my wish of desires and gave it to the wind. I felt genuinely "released" after that- like I had truly entrusted my project to Spirit.

And, lo and behold, a miracle manifested! A little more than a week after doing the blessing exercise,  I reconnected with an old friend of mine and told her about the project and she decided to fund the entire thing! At that point, I needed $1700 to meet my goal and that's how much she gave to me. The exchange felt very high-vibration, loving and positive, like she did this because she really and truly believed in what I'm doing with my music. It also felt like we'd rekindled our friendship at the right time and that we're going to be good friends. She had been too much for me to take at earlier points in my life but now it feels like I'm strong enough in myself not to feel threatened by strong personalities or adamant opinions. I'm finding it easier than ever to be loving to my friends these days, like the things that used to trip me up with people aren't a big an issue anymore. I attribute this shift to all the growth I've made on my journey, in which my work with Deb has played a key part.

Two weeks ago, I had my first menstrual period in 5 months. This is a clear sign that my body is returning to balance and health! 

I've worked with Deb for over 5 years. There really aren't words to adequately describe just how powerful our work together has been, nor how significant a role it has played in my healing journey.  She has helped me gain insight into patterns of imbalance on many levels of my being, many of which have been in my family for generations. Most significantly, Deb has given me tools to clear old patterns of toxicity and bring about health. Our work together has always been deeply honoring of my own power and integrity. I've been an active participant in the work from the beginning.  Deb uses her potent spiritual gifts to help identify work that we can do ourselves to bring about health, vibrancy and blessings. It's been delightful to discover that healing ourselves can be much easier than we thought, and that we indeed have everything we need to create the reality we wish for! 


Spiritual Hip-Hop artist