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Thank you for visiting my website. I am happy to share a bit more about myself and how I ended up in this interesting line of work.

I have worked as a professional intuitive and healer since 2006. The foundation for this work grew out of my own personal path of healing from several significant health matters including an 8-year chronic illness, an accident involving a drunk driver in 2003 and an injury in 2005 which profoundly disabled me and left me unable to walk, a condition diagnosed as 'permanent' according to the physicians and specialists with whom I consulted.

I recovered and returned to an active life after each health matter thanks primarily to an intuitive/psychic capacity I have to receive and utilize specific healing guidance, information and energy. I was born with a natural sensitivity to what I would consider the invisible or subtle realms of energy, however each recovery required me to develop this sensitivity further for the purpose of my personal healing. Through assorted trainings in energetic and natural healing methods, ongoing intuitive studies and training as well as developing my abilities to heal from within based on individual intuitive direction, over time each health matter resolved and left in its place an expanded understanding of healing gained along the way. 

Due to my very personal introduction into and journey through the realms of healing, it was a natural outgrowth to begin sharing this gift and gained subtle knowledge with others. I feel very privileged to have recovered multiple times. However due to my own path of healing which at times was profoundly difficult, I have great compassion and empathy for the often mystifying road to healing. It is my great joy to be able to be of support, to provide clarity and comfort when one is earnestly seeking the return of one’s health and well-being.

The focus of my work is on empowering others to heal themselves and get free of their health matters in three main ways:

  • by illuminating the often invisible factors underlying the health matter

  • by tapping into intuitive guidance to help resolve the matter

  • by teaching how to heal from within using the healing forces and guidance we all have inner access to

Additionally, I offer occasional distance healing programs with a focus on remote energy healing as support to your healing process.

My client base includes both national and international clientele and I enthusiastically welcome people of all faiths, philosophies and cultures to my work. Through traveling, teaching and writing about healing and recovered wholeness, I hope to spread the message that healing truly IS possible, even when (and especially when) the doors to healing may appear limited or closed. So much more is possible along the journey to healing than we could ever truly imagine.



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