About Deborah

Deborah Sicignano is a writer, teacher, minister and professional intuitive healer who has worked with both human and animal clients for the past 13 years.

The foundation for her work grew out of her own personal path of healing from several significant health matters including a chronic illness, a car accident and an injury which left her unable to walk; a condition diagnosed as 'permanent' by the physicians and specialists with whom she consulted. Deborah recovered and returned to health each time due to the development of her personal intuition and an ability to listen to the body and the soul; an ability which allowed her to tap into specific healing information and guidance needed to heal and recover from each challenge. It is this ability that she has used to help others, both human and animal, since 2006.

Additionally, the following professional trainings and certifications helped to foster recovery and enhance understanding of healing over the past 30 years:

  • Energy Healing - Mastery of the Healing Hand, Reiki levels I, II and III, Transformational Healing Work, Equine Reiki, completion of numerous workshops, classes and healing retreats dedicated to energy healing

  • Bach Flower Essence Therapy - Certified Practitioner, Levels I & II

  • Recognized Advanced Practitioner (Levels I, II and III) of the works of Hanna Kroeger, pioneer of holistic and energetic healing methods

  • Professional training in both The Body Code and The Emotion Code; sister models of healing developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, D.C.

  • Ordained minister through The Lively Stones Healing Fellowship, emphasizing the works and philosophies of Dr. Willard Fuller’s healing ministry

It is my great joy to be able to offer support, to provide clarity and to offer comfort when one is earnestly seeking the return of their health and well-being. I have great compassion and empathy for the often-mystifying road to healing due to my own path of healing which at times was profoundly difficult. I feel very privileged to have recovered multiple times and do not take this for granted. My hope is to share from this experience to help others come up and out of their own health mysteries, and to spread the message that healing truly IS possible even when (and perhaps especially when) the doors to healing may appear closed. So much more is possible along the journey to healing than we could ever truly imagine.



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