About Deborah

Deborah Sicignano is a professional intuitive, healer and minister who lives in the beautiful Rio Grande valley of northern New Mexico.  Her healing work is focused on helping others understand the nature of true healing and on getting free from the health matters that appear to bind us.  

Deborah worked as a professional intuitive in private practice from 2006 - 2015.  During this time the primary focus of Deborah's work was helping others understand the many different kinds of factors underlying their health, work or life matters and providing intuitive guidance to help each client shift and resolve the matter itself.

The foundation for Deborah's work has grown out of her own personal path of healing.  Over the last 30 years she has recovered from several significant health matters including an 8-year chronic illness, a car accident involving a drunk driver in 2003 and an injury in 2005 which profoundly disabled her and left her unable to walk, a condition diagnosed as 'permanent' according to the physicians and specialists with whom she consulted at the time.  

Deborah recovered and returned to an active life after each health matter through a combination of holistic practitioner support, assorted trainings in energetic healing along with her own intuitive capacity to receive specific healing guidance about cause and effect along the way.  Over time, each health matter resolved and left in its place the learning and deepened understanding of healing gained along the way.  All of this was then brought into her intuitive work with others.

Deborah's client base includes both national and international clientele and she welcomes people of all faiths, philosophies and cultures to her work.



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