Work Testimonials

Asliani's Story 

I launched a Kickstarter project to fund my next album (Kickstarter is a crowdfunding website that funds creative projects). About two weeks into the month-long campaign, I was far away from being halfway funded. The way Kickstarter works, you either raise the full amount that you ask for or you don't get a penny. So needless to say, I was anxious! 

I had a session with Deborah in which we looked into the greater issues surrounding the Kickstarter project for me as well as some health issues I'd been having (digestive difficulty and cessation of my menstrual cycle).  It came through that there were several meditation exercises that I could do to restore health to my physical system and to resolve the issues coming up for me around my Kickstarter campaign.  Deborah sent me detailed instructions for the meditation exercises and I did them within a few days.  They were remarkably simple, fast and easy to do.  

And lo and behold, a miracle manifested!  A little more than a week after doing one of the exercises, I reconnected with an old friend, told her about the project and she decided to fund the entire thing!  At that point I needed $1700 to meet my goal and that's how much she gave me.  The exchange felt very loving and positive.  It also felt like we rekindled our friendship and were going to be good friends again.  

And shortly thereafter, I had my first menstrual period in 5 months.  This was a clear sign that my body was returning to balance and health!

I've worked with Deborah for over 7 years now and there really aren't words to adequately describe just how powerful our work together has been, nor how significant a role it has played in my healing journey.  She has helped me to gain insight and given me tools to clear old personal patterns and bring about health.  Our work together has always been deeply honoring of my own power and integrity and I have been an active participant in the work from the beginning.  It has been delightful to discover that healing ourselves can be much easier than we thought, and that we indeed have everything we need to create the reality we wish for.



Spiritual Hip-Hop artist

Candice's Story 

When I signed up for “The Inner Game” course, little did I know how profound it would be in helping me to move forward in my work.

This class shines a light on all those doubts and fears, all those little voices that chatter in the background, all those negative influences that keep us from fulfilling our true potential in business and in life. And when we heal and release these old programs, miracles can happen.

As an example, one of my desires was to meet new allies to help share my work in the world. Towards the end of the workshop, after having done a lot of focused healing, I attended a country fair to sell my books, and surprisingly I made excellent contacts for getting my books put into the local libraries, and I was also asked to speak in front of a women’s group. What a confirmation, that the inner most definitely affects the outer.

I can’t think of anyone better to facilitate this awakening than Deborah, a teacher who is kind and encouraging and who expresses a perfect combination of wisdom and intelligence. With gentle coaxing and powerful insights, she has a unique ability to guide you inward on a journey of self-discovery, with amazing outer results. Deborah puts her heart and soul into this class to help her students succeed in manifesting their highest good. In my case, the timing was perfect for letting go of “old stuff” so that I could create the future I desire. For this I am truly grateful

Candace Murrow

Author of several novels including Visions of Hope and The Transformation of Francine.

Julia's Story 

Signing up for the Inner Game workshop with Deborah was like entering a charged field in which everything was colluding to open my awareness and sense of possibility to new levels. By the end of the course, I felt like I had stepped across a threshold into a far more expansive landscape than I had previously known. 

During this course, restrictive beliefs came into focus along with a realization of my own power and influence. Amazingly, I had never been aware of my own wellspring of creativity that awaited free flowing expression. 

Over the weeks synchronicities and dreams kept providing clear messages along with a sense of wonderment. It truly was as though there was some magic container as Deborah held, witnessed, guided, and wove her wisdom into this journey. 

Deborah’s ability to “get” my soul and what it is longing to express, her ability to articulate this for me, and her relentless championing of my soul’s true agenda was invaluable and extremely powerful. I felt completely “seen” in the biggest sense…acknowledged and affirmed in such a way that I could allow myself to admit and begin to champion my own truth.  Her ability to tune into and trust her intuitive promptings as to what was needed to assist my process was truly remarkable. 

By my last workshop session the extent of the synchronicities and magic and just how amazingly all of the pieces fit together was revealed. This all left me with not only a sense of delight and wonder but also an available course of action followed by opportunities that have continued to open for me. 

Julia Brayshaw

MA/ABS; Psychotherapist /Licensed Mental Health Counselor; Author, Medicine of Place, Patterns of Nature and Psyche in the Wildflowers of Cascadia (a book and card deck set), Olympia, WA