Intuitive Shortcut Reading

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Intuitive Shortcut Reading


Sometimes we all need a little intuitive guidance and information to help us make simple decisions, clarify the best path ahead or take the best care of ourselves that we can.  An Intuitive Shortcut Reading is designed to help you cut through your multiple options quickly by reading the energy of what is best for YOU.  

These 20-minute readings are done remotely via email so there is no need to make an appointment.  Simply put together a brief description of what you are deciding between, or, a list of options you are considering and send them to me for brief energetic review.  I will check the energy of each option for resonance with YOUR energy to let you know which resonates most strongly and email you that information.

Consider Intuitive Shortcut Readings like an 'intuitive hack' - a way of cutting through multiple variables, options and choices to find what may be the best fit for you at the time.  

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Intuitive Shortcut Readings are best suited for brief overview information or for targeting specific information needed.  Due to the short amount of time (20 min) involved, they are not appropriate when looking for in-depth information on any matter.  They are simply meant to do what a direction signpost does - point the way toward where the energy and best possibilities lie for us with any particular matter.  In this way, they provide a 'shortcut' to the destination or opportunities we are seeking. 

Think of these readings as an energetic version of the 'hot/cold' game so many of us played as children.  When we couldn't see or find what we were looking for, others (who knew what we were seeking and where it was) would let us know if we were getting 'warmer' or 'colder' as we began to move in any direction.  And once we knew where 'warmer' was and followed that direction, we soon enough found our way to what we were searching when they said 'hot!' 

The Intuitive Shortcut Reading works in exactly the same way.  Through tuning in intuitively to the options or directions you provide me with, we can find 'warm' for you so that you can proceed on your way if desired.  

These readings are energetic in nature and all information shared from them is used at your sole discretion.  Once this reading is purchased, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for utilizing any shared information.  Deborah Sicignano assumes no responsibility for any choices made by the purchaser or the results thereof.  

Please contact Deborah directly using the Contact link on this site if you have any questions.