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Shortcut Readings


Sometimes we all need a little intuitive guidance and information to help us make simple decisions, clarify the best path ahead or take the best care of ourselves that we can.  A Shortcut Reading is designed to help you cut through your multiple options quickly by reading the energy of what is best for YOU.  

These 30-minute intuitive readings are done remotely via email so there is no need to make an appointment.  Simply put together a brief description of the issue and send it to me for intuitive review.  After my review I email you with the information. It’s that simple!

Consider Shortcut Readings like an 'intuitive hack' - a way of seeing through to the heart of the matter as well as what may be most helpful to you at the time.  

(Please note: Shortcut Readings are a specialty service for existing customers only. Please see additional information below.)

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Shortcut Readings are a gentle and easy way to get brief overview information or for targeting specific information needed.  Due to the short amount of time involved, they are not suited for in-depth information on a matter but are simply meant to do what a direction signpost does - point the way toward where the energy is with any issue.  

Shortcut Readings are energetic and intuitive in nature and all information shared from them is used at your sole discretion.  By purchasing, you are agreeing to take full responsibility for utilizing any shared information.  Deborah Sicignano assumes no responsibility for any choices made by the purchaser or the results thereof.  

Shortcut Readings are for existing customers only; a specialty service I offer after we have done some work together through one of my healing programs, such as Releasing Conditions, or more in-depth healing work of some sort.  Thank you for considering these options for healing work together after which, the option of the Shortcut may be available to you. 

Please contact me directly using the Contact link on this site if you have any questions.  


Disclaimer:  By purchasing a Shortcut Reading, you acknowledge that any wellness information shared is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for proper medical care.    


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