Healing With The Mystics Course

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Hildegart art2.jpg

Healing With The Mystics Course


September 9 - November 1, 2014


This dynamic 7-week healing program is designed to help you (or your loved ones or clients) heal body, being and life circumstances through actively engaging the powerful spiritual wellspring of healing energy within.  

In this first-time course offering for both lay people and professionals in the healing arts, we will explore and step into the potent, beautifully transformative healing principles and guidance of visionary healing mystics Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179), Kathryn Kuhlman (1907-1976) and Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) to assist you on your own individual healing path or to help you empower the greater healing of others.  

Each of these mystics assured us there were very few limits to what could be healed in our bodies, minds, hearts, souls and lives if we but learn to tap, build upon and receive directly from this inner wellspring of healing force and power within.  Their lives and powerful healing legacies provide undeniable testimony for this, and their courageous, heartfelt and spirit-driven work left behind priceless pieces of a potent - though often unseen - map to our own greatest healing and the healing of others.

Join me for this individually-tailored healing program where we will illuminate more fully your own personal healing journey, engage directly your profound personal wellspring of healing power and connect the entire process with the voices of these loving, powerful mystics to guide and gently support you on your way.  Together and with the aid of their spiritual knowledge, practical guidance and healing stories, we will tap the power of your own inner mystic to invigorate, support and empower your healing path...whether for yourself, those you love or those you serve.

(Program Format Below)

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Using the following program format, each participant will be assisted in tapping their own vital wellspring of spiritual healing power within.  Our work together will focus on learning how best to build, receive directly from and, at times, move ourselves out of the way of this potent, transformative flow of healing Power in our lives. 

Program Format:

Individual Intuitive Sessions:  This program includes 3 individual intuitive sessions with Deborah to personalize the program to your particular healing desires and to assist you in both understanding and engaging your own personal and unique healing territory.   Sessions can be tailored to you as either the one who is seeking healing or as the one who is traveling alongside others who are healing in your life.  However in either case, the main focus of each session will be you and your own journey as individual, support person or practitioner.  

Guided Imagery and Healing Exercises:  The program will include guided imagery and inner healing exercises to support the process and bring it alive within your own healing experience. 

Supportive Weekly Writings:  Each week, a supportive writing from the instructor will be provided with the guiding words, revelations and healing experiences of these mystics to companion your journey.  Bringing their experiences and viewpoints into contemporary understanding, we will see how what was true about healing in their time is still true today.  Even more importantly, we will see that the transformative spiritual power to heal from within is timeless and is as available to each of us today as it was to these mystics in their day.

E-Mail Support:  All participants will have ongoing email support from the instructor throughout the duration of the course to support the process in real time.  

Group participation:  This program offers a contemplative, reflective and soul-based journey, the focus of which is the personal, individual process.  As such, there is no group element to it.  All participants will begin and end the program in the same window of time, but will be walking the territory of it in an individual way with support and interaction with the instructor alone.

Reading:  There will be one required book to purchase as part of this program (retail price is under $20/new, and under $10/used in most cases).  More information about this material and how to order it will be provided after course registration.

Who is this program right for?

* Anyone healing from a health challenge who is looking to empower and assist their healing more fully from within

* Anyone looking to explore the spiritual healing process more fully to simply enhance their health and well-being and to delve more deeply into the mystical dynamics of healing itself

* Anyone who is in the position of caring for others who are healing - this includes those in one's personal or professional life.  The beauty of true spiritual healing is that it touches both the one who is engaging it as well as those around them...including loved ones, friends and clients.  Many tend to benefit from just one individual engaging the spiritual wellspring of healing power within.  In this regard, deepening into the territory of spiritual healing is often a powerful step one can take as carer and support to others on the healing path

* Spiritual healing is not limited to physical healing only; it touches every part of us and therefore is a wonderful healing agent for whatever may be 'ailing' us or in need of healing in our lives.  In this sense, one does not have to have a physical ailment in order to participate.  You are invited to join this healing journey if your interest is greater inner healing, peace of mind, well-being or 'life-circumstance' healing.  Our focus will be the healing of the whole of you, of which your physical body is simply one part.


PROGRAM DATES:   September 9 - November 1, 2014

Registration Deadline:  Registration is open now through September 5th, 2014

Cost:  $255.00.  Please purchase this course via the website with either a credit or debit card at time of purchase.  

(Note: Should cost be your only obstacle to taking this course, please contact me so that we can discuss a possible 2-payment option for you.)


Please feel free to write with questions, and I look forward to this healing journey with you.


(Program Disclaimer:  In signing up for this course, you acknowledge the information shared is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for proper medical care.  If you need more information or clarity about this disclaimer, please read the 'Terms of Use' available to you during program check-out.)

* The image used for this program (above) is from mystic Hildegard von Bingen herself from her own book Liber Divinorum Operum or 'Book Of Divine Works".  Hildegard von Bingen was a mystic, prolific writer and an artist and this 'illumination', as she called it, depicts Hildegard herself in the lower lefthand corner of the image as she receives and interprets her mystical visions.


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