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Releasing & Healing Conditions

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When a problem shows up in our experience, whether a health problem or a life problem, we often do our very best to eliminate it through trying to fix it, change it or at least figure it out so that we can get free of it.  

However we also have another way to heal, and that is through releasing and transforming the matter itself.  This can be done even if we do not know what the actual cause is of the matter is.  It is a different doorway to healing; one that does not require us to figure out, fight or correct the issue but rather take up a different process entirely to transform and release it.

Releasing & Healing Conditions is a 6-week healing opportunity I've designed to blend together what I have found to be the most actively helpful components to release and transform conditions and begin to move beyond them, regardless of what they are. Through combining a simple understanding of the energy body, intuitive health information specific to your situation, distance healing and mentoring, we begin freeing up the internal energy and innate healing power that allows us to go beyond conditions, injuries and/or health issues and move past them.

Releasing & Healing Conditions is designed to open up new avenues for healing through a blend of inner release work (releasing the invisible personal and collective barriers to healing such as the misperceptions, fears and learned limits about health matters that we unintentionally adopt throughout life) combined with personalized intuitive health information, distance healing and personal support via email throughout the entire 6 weeks.  

The intentions for this work together will be for both healing and growing in your understanding of healing itself.  Beyond attending only to any one particular issue or condition which may be affecting your health at the moment, this healing opportunity is also meant to give you new understanding, new perspectives, empowering new tools and most importantly, new hope for restoring and tending to your own well-being both now and in the future.  The emphasis will be not only on healing, but on getting truly FREE from all that binds us to our health matters in the first place.  


*Please note I am offering two variations of this offer, one designed for new clients and one designed for existing clients.  (See below for more information.)  


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Additional Information:

Releasing Conditions is a 6-week healing opportunity that includes the following:

**A new and simple understanding of your body based more on energy and energetics rather than on physical or physiological matter.  Understanding our true nature in this way immediately reduces fear and allows invisible boundaries around our healing to begin to shift almost immediately . 

**Intuitive guidance sessions - In these 1-hour sessions we will explore together any underlying imbalances that may be contributing to your health matter as well as explore the natural, holistic forms of support (such as natural supplements, foods or other forms of healing work) which may be supportive to your unique and personal well-being.  Underlying imbalances can include but are not limited to emotions or unresolved pain that may be in need of clearing, life matters or habits that are contributing to stress or unwellness, hidden issues such as uncleared viral or bacterial energies, lingering injuries from accidents, and the list goes on. 

The purpose of your intuitive guidance sessions will be to identify any underlying imbalances that may require additional steps in order to fully release or clear.  We will also use these sessions to begin learning how and why one needs to release health matters on a deeper level so that the innate healing forces we already can actually begin to heal us.  Each session will be personally-tailored and specific to your unique journey of healing.

**Distance healing over the full 6 weeks -  Healing vibrations can be sent and received remotely, which means we do not need to be in the same physical space for healing to occur.  I will be sending healing energy and helping your energy body to release interferences to your healing throughout the the six weeks to support the movement of your process.  This is done as ongoing support and will not require any specific scheduling of time or date.

**Email mentoring will be available throughout the six weeks to address questions as they arise, facilitate personal growth, deepen understanding of healing itself and to support you as we go.  


There are two different options for purchase with different pricing for each:

New Clients - $349.00*    New clients receive 3 intuitive guidance sessions of 75 minutes each as part of our work together.   This will give us more time to get to know one another and build a foundation together for releasing conditions.  Before purchasing, a free 15 - 20 min phone or web consult is required to see if this process might be a good fit and to give you a better sense of me, my work and my philosophies prior to taking up the journey together for six weeks.  If we're going to travel together, we might as well get to know one another first!  Then we can see how everything fits for us before you decide to purchase.


Existing clients - $249.00*   Since we already have a foundation for working together, existing clients may purchase this option which includes 3 intuitive guidance sessions of 60 minutes each.  All other specifics of this healing opportunity will remain the same.  Before purchasing, please send me an email so we can discuss your needs, what may be happening with you at the moment and/or what you're looking to learn or grow stronger with along your own journey of healing (or learning about healing).  As always, it will be a joy to work together.  

*Please contact me directly to discuss personalized payment arrangements if needed.


Releasing Conditions will be an ongoing opportunity throughout 2018 so you are welcome to step into this work anytime during this year.  


Disclaimer:  In signing up for Releasing Conditions, you acknowledge that any wellness information shared is for educational purposes only and is not a substitute for proper medical care.    


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