Life Testimonials



Todd's Story

Deborah Sicignano is a wondrous and empowering spiritual life teacher who offers incredible insights in a highly supportive style, enabling individuals to transform personal barriers that separate us from healing and unlimited support while enhancing personal growth. As one of Deborah's students for 10 years I can attest her work has been nothing less than transformational.  I have been graced with greater health and a myriad of powerful experiences. The insights and skills I've developed with her heartfelt mentoring will serve me for life. 

Todd Denny M.S.W

Rose's Story 

I did want to tell you that I am not sure any amount of money or any words or gratitude would ever be enough to repay you.  I have never felt so loved and so held in the arms of love than I have over the length and the course of our work together.  Last week was another reminder of that.  In those very dark moments, when I felt so utterly hopeless, if I was quiet enough, I could feel your love in the space around me.  Despite being so far away physically, you have held me so many times closer than any other person has.  You have helped me to remember that I am loved, that I am special, and that I am LOVE. 

You are such a tremendous healer, guide, and poet.  (You always give such relevant images that live with me for years to come.) Your light is an inspiration and it helps me to find my way home, even as it did during this short, but powerful illness.  Keep shining.  

With a Heart Full of Gratitude and Love.

Rose Swan, Intuitive Mentor

Union, ME

C. Corbo's Story 

If there is a beginning, during and after in the process of my working with Deborah, I would say months before meeting her, I knew I needed to make a radical change but was confused and unsure how to do so.   I'd dreamt a powerful dream inviting me to open a new chapter of my life and return to a continent I loved.  

However, the dream provided no "how-to map" (which country, resources, languages) other than the clear directive  "not to pick up any stray cats" before going.  Gratefully Deborah arrived a month after my daughter dropped off- YES!- a stray cat she'd  adopted but could no longer keep and I was ready to make one of the biggest moves in my life.  

In my sessions with Deborah I felt that my heart's desires were seen and held with deep respect.  She offered wisdom in an intelligent, kind and often humorous manner and I witnessed my life being transformed from the inside out.  Not only did she open the door on a country I'd never before considered (one that has since delighted me with friendship, natural beauty and creative work) but also tuned into who would be the next best caretaker of our now beloved stray cat.  

I've experienced with Deborah's work that she has the ability to midwife and support authentic soul expression, so much so, that perhaps a warning be offered to those faint of heart, and a green light to those ready to fly.  

I thank you for all your loving support and guidance.  Your intuition has been such a gift and I wish I could send these delicious sweet german cakes through the internet to you and Roy.  I get it BIG TIME that we do nothing truly ALONE.  

C. Corbo