Health Testimonials

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Dayna's Story

I first met Deborah ten years ago, during one of the most challenging times in my life.  I had been extremely ill for two years, and despite trying many different treatment approaches, my symptoms were not improving.  I had completely lost hope and became deeply depressed on top of my debilitating illness.  Within one week of working with Deborah I experienced noticeable shifts and through continued work with her I was able to completely resolve my illness.  Deborah's kind, compassionate nature combined with her sharp intelligence and articulate communication skills has made her a fierce ally in whatever I have struggled with ever since.  She has been one of the clearest guiding lights in my life and I send all of my friends to her -- and then get thanked profusely by them afterwards! She is truly a rare gem.

Dayna Brayshaw

Somatic Coach, London, England


Linda's Story

I have several folks I work with telling me how great I look.  I am feeling really great now.  I can only explain about the work you & I did this winter unloading all the attached emotional energies of years and situations past.  My tummy & intestinal track are working wonderfully.  With the lack of dairy, eating less and no processed foods and the medication I feel great. I guess all this really shows.  Thank you!  Your talents are a gift.

Linda Russell

Olympia, WA

Victoria's Story 

I have had the privilege to receive sessions from Deborah many times over the past 8 years for a variety of health and emotional issues.  My life is generally very positive and healthy, however when I am most in-need, Deborah is by far my best resource.  Her wisdom and fine-tuned intuition have always been right-on and so very practical.  

Several years ago I returned from a month in South America with a troubling intestinal problem.  Once home, I contacted Deborah who identified the issue and recommended a very easy solution which completely resolved the issue in a few days.

During the past few years I have been immersed in an intense family situation around my sister, who recently died of complications related to Alzheimer's disease.  I was my sister's main source of support and was overwhelmed on many levels; my energy was extremely low.  I received a profoundly healing session from Deborah.  Her deep heart-centered work on physical, emotional and spiritual levels can best be described as transformative.  I could feel heavy layers of darkness literally lift in the days following her work.  It has been several weeks since my session and this feeling of well-being continues.  

Recently my husband, a fit, healthy, grounded and pragmatic guy who does not generally venture beyond traditional medicine developed an intensely painful kidney stone that would not pass.  This lasted for weeks and completely took over his life.  We wanted to avoid breaking up the stone artificially due to possible complications.  Deborah did a session for him.  On the physical level, she recommended an herb we had not heard of (Chanca Piedra) to help dissolve the stone.  On the emotional and spiritual levels, she accurately tuned into a work-related stress that needed to be released.  My husband listened to her and followed through with the suggestions.  The stone passed so easily that he didn't even notice.  His doctor had a hard time believing it. My husband has no doubt that it was Deborah's work that made this possible.  Her manner of communicating with a non-alternative type of person is a testament to her ability to resonate with her clients!

Deborah brings authenticity to her work and is expert in translating intuitive guidance into practical suggestions that respect the client in ease and do-ability.  I am truly blessed she is in my life and have recommended her to countless others.

Victoria Tennant 

Olympia, WA

D. Dunn's Story

I was genuinely serious about my health, wanting a comprehensive wellness system that would support all aspects of my life so I could thrive responsively, naturally and happily.  My life at the time was not operating on any level - physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually - in fact at dangerously low levels.  I just had no clue how to go about getting on the perfect track to my wellness when Deborah Sicignano came into my life 8 years ago. 

Deborah has a very strong intuition that she listens to with great respect, a natural healing wisdom and intelligence, and a heart that resonates love, joy, and caring.  During our journey together, I learned quickly that I could trust her which was very important to me.  She taught me to trust my own intuition and guidance, that less is often best (i.e. I didn't need a lot of supplements, or a lot of information, or lot of exercise; I needed to learn how to be in the moment and "listen" to what my body was communicating, then trust and follow that guidance.)

Partnership was her style of support.  We were in this together and she showed me what a real gift it is to participate in my healing actively, not as a passive observer.  And my healing was quickened, deepened and sustaining! 

A very grateful NW client,

 D. Dunn

Jennifer's Story

Deborah Sicignano is a truly gifted healer.  I trust her with my health and well-being.  I recently became very sick.  Asthmatic Bronchitis, sinus and eye infection.  She gave wonderful advice for holistic remedies, as well as working with me to clear blockages physically and emotionally.  What may have taken weeks to recover from, honestly took days!

Jennifer Caserta 

Milford, CT

Diana's Story

A friend referred me to Deborah many years ago.  I went in with some skepticism as I’d never seen an intuitive before.  I had struggled with fatigue and digestive difficulties for years, and was willing to see if a new approach would help. The naturopaths and acupuncturists I had seen had helped me maintain, but never really improve. One thing that Deborah suggested was a personalized diet. To this day, I feel the best when I follow that diet.  And I learned so much about healing from her.  I learned that taking the right substances, whether medications, herbs or other supplements, even though they may help, aren’t the most important way to heal.  It is truly through the mind and soul that the self heals.  For instance, simple meditations have often been the most effective in restoring my vitality and well-being when I experience an illness.

Deborah points the way to true healing if I go through a dark place or start to lose hope.  Her guidance always helps in a deep way.  Sometimes it takes a little while to improve, but after a session with her, my hope is restored, and I feel ready to heal.  I am so lucky to have her in my life, and recommend her to all.

Diana Moore

Olympia, WA

Janna's Story

My work with Deborah started around 10 years ago and has been nothing short of miraculous. I’ve come to Deborah during the most challenging times in my life, the most recent to do with an injury that had been bothering me for 15 months. We started working together and Deborah with her amazing insights helped me to see that the cause was not physical, but instead were mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks that needed clearing.  I don’t know how I would have ever gotten to these blocks without her guidance. I feel like I have my life back, and can fully play again in the manner I am accustomed to.

What was really profound and important to me through this process was how held I felt by her. She was truly in my corner the whole way through with her deep compassion and love. Her insights were right on and shifts happened one right after another.

For anyone considering working with Deborah, I say give yourself to the process and stay with it, you will be amazed. She is truly an angel sent to help those who are fortunate enough to cross paths with her.  I will forever be grateful for our connection.

Much love,

Janna Del Prince