About Deborah

Deborah Sicignano is a professional intuitive who has been in private full-time practice since 2006.  

With a special emphasis on health intuition, Deborah built a successful intuitive and healing practice solely through word of mouth, expanding to serve both national and international clientele.  

The primary focus of Deborah's work is on helping others understand the hidden issues underneath their health, work or life matters, and providing intuitive guidance and support to help each client shift, heal or resolve the matter itself.

The foundation of Deborah's work grew out of her years of working closely with clients, as well as from her own personal journey.  In her own life she has recovered from an 8-year chronic illness in her 20's, a 90mph hit by a drunk driver in 2003 and a subsequent freak accident in 2005 which profoundly disabled her and left her unable to walk; a condition diagnosed as 'permanent' according to the multiple physicians and specialists with whom she consulted at the time.  

However today Deborah is healthy, fully recovered and enjoying an active life.  This was the direct result of deepening into her own spiritual connection and from the specific guidance, healing and creative power which flowed through this connection. 

Every area of our lives can experience this kind of profound healing and positive change as we learn to sense, trust and apply the intuitive and spiritual guidance available to us from this deep connection that we each have within.

In 2010, the focus and passion of Deborah's work expanded to include writing and teaching on the subjects of tapping into one's inherent intuition, our innate capacities for healing and the incredible power we all have within to shift, heal or expand our lives in desired ways.

Deborah works with people of all faiths as well as with those who have no defined spiritual belief system. She welcomes and celebrates spiritual diversity, honoring all spiritual traditions and orientations, and welcomes others to her work no matter where they might find themselves on the spiritual journey.   



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